Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Had biopsies done on both breasts and one lymph node.

Left breast was just cysts
Right breast biopsies sent out
lymph node biopsy sent out

Results late Thursday


How We Got Here

My partner had a lump in her breast 10 years ago.....turned out to be a cyst.

So when she got another one (another lump) and had no insurance, she let it go, we didn't worry as much as we should have. Her mom was sick....terminal.....taking care of her for the last 3 years was more important...or so we thought.

She, my life partner, my wife, my life......she has insurance now.....we went to the doctor....she examined the lump....sent us straight away for an ultrasound and mammo....both came back suspicious for cancer.....also one of her lymph nodes is swollen which indicates that IF it is cancer it may have already spread.

The doctor is 99.9% sure the big lump is cancer....the rest we don't know.

I'm capable of being a rock for her only in her presence....the rest of the time I'm a basket case.