Friday, January 14, 2011

Some Victories Today

Victory Number 1

Today is T's Last Chemotherapy!

Victory Number 2

T's scans show much improvement all around.....what was in her lungs is no longer visible, which was our big concern as the tumor on her breast will be removed surgically as will the lymph nodes under her arm.

Next step.....1 more scan next week and then a surgical consult the week, then radiation.

She has to continue weekly IV's of one of her non-chemo drugs for the next year through all of this, although they may eventually be spaced further apart after the next month or 2.

Some of the side effect's will take 6 months to a year to get better, but we're headed in the right direction.

Victory Number 3

The Health Care Advocate for the State of CT, or rather his top employee, "M" and I, and our wonderful Oncologist, Dr. H, her billing manager G, called United Heath Care OUT on their lies. They claimed we and the doctors never sent them the forms they needed to process this claim and tried to say it was pre-existing. She also tried to say nothing was denied, but "in-review"


I had gotten copies of the flat out denial letters they sent Tina's doctors from G, scanned them in and sent them to her and cc:ed the Advocate AND the employer's liaison to UHC. Caught!

Dr. H called them herself twice and documented  who she spoke to and when and that she had made it perfectly clear this was not pre-existing.

G, had copies of all the forms she had sent to them (as did I) and copied and sent them again along with a new form faxed to her AND a copy to the Health Care Advocate as did all of T's doctors, making it clear that the UHC lady was a liar again.

Let me mention again how awesome the Health Care Advocate, M, was and is....she set it up so that ALL correspondence regarding T must be sent by email for documentation purposed and cc:ed to her, me, the HR liaison for T's employer to the insurance when she lies or does something half @ssed, the Advocate and I could call her out for all to see.

Bottom Line, T may continue her care with HER doctors going forward and her claims will be processed.

Mind you, I'll believe they will pay those bills only when I see a check has been issued to her doctors and not before, because that UHC lady is sneaky. Thankfully the Advocate has her number and our back.

Sooooo relieved, I can't begin to tell you how many nights sleep I have lost over all this in the past month.

Special Note

Tina's doctors and their staff have been wonderful to us....they care for T and fight for her....and they even share in our joys at the small victories along the way.

Today is a GOOD DAY!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

United HealthCare Doesn't Care about Cancer Patients (Part 2)

...and the battle continues....made a teeny weeny amount of headway today.

I got the Office of the Patient Advocate of CT involved and she and I both called the head of HR at T's employer's corporate office, he got his staff involved and we got a big-shot at UHC care involved.

I got....completed...... and scanned a ton of documents and emailed them all over the place, and tomorrow I'm going to Staples so I can fax a questionnaire to all of  T's doctors asking them to complete it, fax it to the big shot at UHC and then mail it to the regular PO Box Addy on the form.

...then I will let the HealthCare Advocate, and everyone else I got involved know that I did that...

....then I will hold my breath and hope they pay the damn bills!!!!!

I am beyond disgusted with United HealthCare. They KNOW this is not pre-existing, and still they try and get away with not paying.

I feel helpless.....even as I try to help my wife save her own life and get the medical care she needs to survive, UHC is trying to get away with trying to deny her this, but they have no problem taking her money for this "insurance coverage".....what coverage?

I am just beside myself.....i sit and think in a daze for hours.........helpless, hopeful, doing what little I can.

If this continues to affect her care further, I will file the biggest most public lawsuit her employer or UHC has ever seen!

Why can't they just do the right thing? Why is this a battle? Isn't finding out about the cancer and dealing with all of that enough? REALLY?!?!?

This is their last chance to do the right thing.....and they better move fast.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

UnitedHealthCare Doesn't Care about Cancer Patients

I was starting to feel optimistic.....still scared, but optimistic none the less....2 chemo's to go and scans to be booked, surgery consult and set up, surgery, radiation...etc.... Inexplicably, the scans have not been ordered, I suspect the insurance company is not pre-approving them, which is required before they are booked. UNITED HEALTH CARE IS HOLDING UP THE TREATMENT OF A CANCER PATIENT WHERE TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! 

United Health Care has not paid a single dime to our oncologist in the last 4 months, we were called into a billing office and told her treatment might have to be moved to the city hospital because although she has insurance and CANCER, they believe (I shit you not), that she got insurance knowing she had cancer in order to screw over United Health Care by making them (a medical insurance company) actually pay for someones medical bills. 

Although all our doctors have provided them with all T's past medical records and have even called to tell them, this is, in fact, is NOT a pre-existing condition, UHC say they believe that it was anyway with admittedly no documentation what-so-ever, and so will continue to hold up all her claims indefinitely, which will prevent her from getting the best medical care available which she is entitled to and has been paying for. By the way, There is no evidence of a pre-existing condition because, THIS IS NOT A PRE-EXISTING CONDITION!

How outrageous of us to expect United Health Care to pay their insureds medical bills. How dare one of their customers have the audacity to contract a life threatening disease while insured by them. United Health Care is not only not upholding their part of their contract with their insured, they are in-fact endangering her life. To call this disgraceful is the understatement of the year!

So, in addition to fighting cancer we now have to fight the insurance company in hopes that they actually do their job! 

I've got her doctor calling the insurance company again, I've contacted the insurance commissioner, the CT Labor Board, and the CT Insurance Patient advocate. I should have an official case number soon. We also have being 100% right on our side. This was NOT a pre-existing condition you f#cking morons.

I have no doubt we will win this fight, because we have right on our side, but why do we have to fight this battle at all? Isn't dealing with a life threatening cancer enough. Thanks a lot UnitedHealthCare, for nothing.

Oh and thanks for having your customer service department refuse to let me speak to a supervisor and also treat me  like a criminal when I called to inquire why T's medical insurance was not paying her medical bills!

I'm pissed and worried that these criminals will get away with this....well, let's call it what it is, a crime!