Friday, November 27, 2015

Pissed Off at the World!

Turns out my girl's chemo stopped working....tumors grew and a new one popped up. Dr said, "without treatment 6 months would be optimistic" she begins a new oral chemo. on Monday. It's called Xeloda and it has crazy possible side effects, so I got permission to work from home for 2 weeks-ish...depending on how she does. Was scared to leave her alone. The new thing to do for cancer is immunotherapy, but there is only one study going on around here right now and it's closed and per the doctor, wasn't a good study. He believes that in 6 months or so, there will be lots of these studies and he is watching them so he can get her into one as soon as they are available....but we have to do something in the mean time.

I'm doing everything I can, but I'm basically helpless....and really pissed about it. I'm staying positive and hopeful, but the littlest things piss me off, a LOT! Some days I get tearful, others I'm ok enough to keep going, and other days I just want to tell everyone off.

Cancer Sucks!!!

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