Saturday, August 28, 2010

Chemotherapy- Not for the weak


Let's see......we got there, everyone was really sweet and it all went smoothly. I brought T's laptop for her to distract her....
they checked her blood counts, with a finger stick,
gave her, her EMENS pill (it cost $356.40 for 3 pills). She takes it for 3 days with each chemo. along with another drug that's a steroid also for 3 days.
IV of anti-nausea
then they hung all the chemo. drugs

She felt good through the treatment...made friends with an older couple who was there too

In spite of the meds., nausea kicked in, in a big way around 6:00 pm. My poor girl was praying she could throw up for a few hours, but the meds didn't make that 8 she was throwing up  and continued for another 2 hours. Thankfully after that, exhaustion kicked in and she slept through the night.

DAY 2:

Nausea is back, but not as bad...meds in.....ginger tea made.....breakfast being eaten with a healthy dose of saltines. With hope she'll start to feel better and better as the day goes on......exhaustion should hit her hard they say today or tomorrow......we'll see....maybe the steroid will help with that.

Just want her to feel better

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