Monday, September 27, 2010

Day by day I gazed upon her, Day by day I sighed with passion, Day by day my heart within me Grew more hot with love and longing

Sitting on the couch watching's 5 after 11: pm......and I'm really enjoying the sound of the rain outside and the smell.......I love the smell of rain. Tina loves it too......I'm tempted to wake her and make her come sit with me......LOL.....doubt that would go over too well......"you woke me up so I could smell the rain?!?!, are you crazy?!?!".......the answer to that question we all know is....."YES, yes, I am crazy....duh!"

Then again she might find it amusing that I woke her to smell the rain.....hummmmm????

Living one day at a time......the days blend together with moments here and there that stand out. I do love being able to spend all this time with T.....I just wish she wasn't so sick.

Had a visit from our adorable nieces the other day, and T's bro and sis-in-law......I love spending time with them, especially little Remmy who is just adorable in every way. She is so little and yet full of personality.....there is nothing more beautiful then children her age....still discovering the world and already so smart.

T was so sick that day, but hid it well, so she could see and enjoy all their company. Every time little Remmy called her Auntie T, T's face lite up like a Christmas tree.....she was exhausted by the time they left, but it was the best thing for her......just brightened us both up actually. Kids have a way of doing that....and we get to be the cool aunties that live over an ice cream parlor......oh yeah! Lovin' that.

rut roh, she's up......not to smell the rain......nausea bad.....

10 minutes later.......OK, feeling better she's sitting next to me and I shit you not, she just sniffed the air and said she loved the smell of the rain and wishes she could go out and dance in I know my girl or what?


  1. Ha!! You sure do know her!

    Love you guys... miss you... when can we come by?

  2. I'm so glad she had some moments of happiness with the kids.

    It's raining again today so I'll open a window, smell the rain and think of you both. I hope today is a good day for her.

  3. What a sweet commentary. From now on every time I smell the rain I will think of the two of you sitting together.