Friday, November 19, 2010

T's Benefit

This Picture is from Healthier Times
I'm sitting in the chemotherapy room with T right now.....thankfully we have Internet service this time and our laptops to help make the time go by (5 hours).

Tomorrow night is T's Benefit. I'm a bit nervous. T being the guest of honor means I'm gonna be in the middle of all of it with her, and I get very nervous in situations like that, I hope I don't embarrass myself or say anything stupid. I hope T can keep it together and enjoy herself.....after all, it is also a party.

We're both very overwhelmed and grateful to everyone coming and those that could not come who donated via our donation site at We are also VERY grateful to her cousins and family who upon hearing T was diagnosed, immediately arranged a get together for the cousins and friends to just show their support and wish her well, and who within 2 months organized this benefit for T tomorrow night which involved a LOT of work and headaches on their part. They have done this all with enthusiasm and love and I could not possibly express just how much that means to us.


  1. Hope all goes well today and T feels ok afterwards. :)

    Don't worry about tomorrow... it'll be fun and every now and then I spray you with silly string from a distance to keep you on your toes. :)

  2. cartoon brain can totally picture that.

  3. try and relax and enjoy the benefit, as you said it is also a party. prayers for continued healing for T. take care~ *gentle hugs* to you both.