Monday, April 4, 2011

No Clue What to Name This Post

So many things swimming around in my brain.....I burst out into tears at odd moments when alone and loose myself in the tears......other times I look at my T and I just know she can beat this...and I see us growing old together.....I can actually see us sitting on a beach soaking up some sun over a picnic for many years to come.

I cornered one of her doctors and asked for hope, and she gave it to me. She said Metastatic disease can me managed and she has patients with it that are 5 years out and a some 10 years out. There are microscopic cells with the potential to become cancer floating around her body, we don't know how many, or if they will.....but we will watch and do scans every 3 to 4 months so that if there is a re-occurance we will catch it fast and treat it right away.

If you make it to 5 years, your odds of survival increase a little, if you make it to 10, they increase a lot more......and every 3 or 4 months when she has a scan, I will have a week of being scared out of my mind waiting for the results.

....but in my heart I believe we will grow old together.....I have to.....and that's how we have to live our lives.

Us in 2008


  1. :o( love you guys.

    I see you as wrinkly old bitties. :)

  2. Never, ever lose hope. You have every reason to believe that it will be just fine--don't forget that. If you find yourself starting to forget, go ahead and ask that doctor to remind you.