Monday, August 30, 2010

Can you say nausea, boys and girls?

Poor T had a horrible day of really bad nausea. She's been so sick, eating and drinking has been really hard for her.

When we got to the doctor, they took one look at her and hooked her up to an IV to give her fluids and anti-nausea meds, that didn't work. The fluids helped a tiny little bit.....I expect we will go back again tomorrow to do that again, and the doc definately wants to see and hydrate her again Friday.

I've never seen T this miserable and makes me feel helpless and yet grateful that I can be here to take care of her all at the same time. I don't know what she would have done if I wasn't here....not that I actually did much...
...tried to get her to eat and drink
...drove her to the doctor
...ran a few errands

 I wish these 1st four chemotherapy treatments would fly by.....1 down, 3 to go.....after that, they drop the heavy meds making her so sick and switch to meds she will tolerate way better....or so they say.

If that's all not enough, we have to worry that her work will screw her over and she'll loose her job because she's sick, in spite of the fact that we have doctors notes. They are making this way harder on T then they have to......people are selfish and evil the name of a good employment lawyer from a friend, just in case....hope we don't need him though.


  1. There is ABSOLUTELY no way I would ever get through this without you Bebe! And its Not just the things you do for me, but the compassion in your heart that you do it all in. Thank you for everything you do... I know how hard this is on you too!!! Luv U more!!!

  2. I think that you should get to the social security office asap and start the disability process. I say that because they can pick up and cover her if she looses her job. They can also start monthly takes a while so it wouldn't hurt to start now. There is a type of Social Security...I think SSI that doesn't have a waiting period. Also, I would check with Tina about that law....Disabled Americans or whatever it is called. I don't think they should threaten her job or be putting undue stress on a person in the condition she is in. I'm just saying, I sure would be checking with an attorney and Social Security. You might be surprised. Even get a lawyer for Social Security. Sometimes they take their fee...a percentage of what they get for you. That can also have a BIG impact on how an employer treats you too.