Saturday, August 14, 2010

Going Over Your Head Mother F-cker!

Going over the heads of the evil local management who was not only UN-helpful to my girl, but actively tried to screw her over....and threatened to fire her if she missed too many days of work for chemotherapy, etc...ACTUALLY WORKED! (Thanks T.P. for the advice)

I spoke to corporate and explained how she was being screwed out of FMLA, Short Term Disability, and Long Term Disability even though she qualified for both MONTHS ago, and that they were preventing a cancer patient from getting treatment that could save her life and threatening her job due to her illness.

I didn't threaten to file a lawsuit, I just literally begged for his help, but I'm sure THAT was a big motivation.

I even explained that a very small scheduling change could make it possible for my girl to work through her chemotherapy and reserve her Short term Disability for surgery and radiation in aprox. 6 months when she will need it.

The corporate guy, who was an angel (whatever his motivation) assured me she would be taken care of.

Well, I've never seen such a complete turn around in my entire life....suddenly she has job and insurance security and they will honor a 4 day work week for her during treatment (for which we provided a doctor's note), and if she needs extra days off, all she needs to do is let them know and she can have them and need not worry about loosing her job or ins. due to dipping below 30 hours.

I don't think this will make her HR person who SHOULD have called corporate herself and arraigned for all this as that is what HR is supposed to do will be too happy about this, but F#CK HER and the horse she rode in on!!!

We have soooo much to worry about, at least now we don't have to worry about her job or her insurance too anymore.


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