Saturday, August 14, 2010

I Can Feel the Love

It's past midnight, Tina is sleeping next to me and I am beyond words.

Last week T's cousin cut her long beautiful hair into a cute short style and dyed it blond in preparation for her chemotherapy. She figures that until it falls out completely, she may as well look like a bad @ss for a few weeks. While we where there, her cousin suggested getting all the cousins together at a local bar before this all begins and we added some of our closest friends who are like family.

Side story, when T's mom went through chemotherapy she gave T her hair to donate, and T couldn't bare to part with it and had been growing hers to donate to  replace it, soooo....when we cut Tina's hair it was long enough to donate, which made her very happy.

Anywho, getting back to the night out.....there was such an overwhelming amount of love in that room. At one point we all joined hands and several cousins voiced their hopes and prayers, there were many many hugs and kisses and just a warmth I can't describe.

As if we weren't touched and overwhelmed already..........Tina came to me in tears at one point because we discovered that one friend's dad who is going through his own personal cancer hell and hardly knows us wants to help...Very overwhelmed!

REVISED: ....and that our friends who are on the board at our local G.L.B.T. Center want to have a fundraiser for T to help pay for her treatment. How amazing is that?!?!?! .....yeah well, that's not happening anymore for various reasons....sigh!

Thankfully a few friends HAVE rallied around us and visit and call and email and text their support and concern.....THAT means the world to us both. Tina's family might pick up the ball and do a family fundraiser soon.....her family, especially the Italian side have been wonderful to say the least. It's kind of beautiful.

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