Monday, August 9, 2010

Today is the big day

We see the doctor at 4:45 pm to get all Tina's results and find out if the cancer has spread already or if we need more tests or if it's (we hope) JUST in her right breast and lymph node (where we already know it is).

We also, i think, will be coming up with a plan of attack with the doctor and setting up appointments with the oncologist, who is the same as the one (or rather, group) that her mom used.......THAT is a good thing....we have the best of the best when it comes to surgeons and oncologists.

We got to meet the staff in the oncologist's office already and loved, happy, upbeat and good at what they's also WHERE Tina will get her Chemo.....glad, no's in the office with the nice staff we already met.

Tina is so scared she keeps having panic attacks, even more then poor girl.

I think once we know what we are dealing with AND have a plan.....i hope.....she will throw a switch inside and become the fighter she is by nature. Lone road ahead, but she can do it and i will do my best to support her and care for her.....I'm scared, protective and pissed all at the same time, sometimes.


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