Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just in time for...

...her next chemotherapy.

Finally T feels a bit better and even made it to work yesterday for 6 hours. I don't dare let her drive herself though....when I picked her up yesterday, she almost instantly fell asleep in the car. Today looks like she's going to make it through a full day at work.

Her next chemotherapy is on Friday.....sigh!

I hope this treatment goes better then the last one. They found 2 drugs that actually help T's nausea and they will give those to her with her chemo. and also they will give her extra fluids before we leave too. Cross everything people!

She will most likely begin to loose her hair after this treatment. She knows it's coming, but I know her, and this will REALLY upset her. I just hope I'm with her or that it happens gradually.

I've been sleeping less and less.....even when i do drag myself to bed I just can't turn my head off....I lay awake worried about EVERYTHING.....exhausted and wired all at the same time....hard to explain.

Friends and family love us and call from time to time to check in, but this is one of those things that you think you know what it would be like.......until your in it, and you see what it's REALLY like, and realize that no one who hasn't actually been there has a clue....which sucks because you need them to understand. That's why everyone in that chemo. room is able to bond with the other patients so quickly and easily.

A friend from way back in high school, who has gone through all of this contacted me today. Just talking to her made me feel better. We don't talk often, but she is one of those rare people that you can not talk to for years and when you do, it's like no time has past. Thanks Facebook for making communication so easy with old friends....and thanks Toula!

I am grateful for my friends love and support and T's family who just jumped right in, to be there for us. Her cousin L is going to have a benefit/party for her and is going all out with everyone on that side of her family all jumping in to help....I wouldn't have a clue as to how to organize something like that, so I'm really thankful to him for having the idea and making it happen.....I'll write more about that as it gets closer and we pick a date......just thank you everyone!

You might not think that a hug hello or a text or call means or helps much, but it helps more then you could imagine.....it breeds hope....and reminds us, at our loneliest moments, that we are not alone.


  1. Good luck - everything is crossed

  2. You are both in my prayers. Have you ever thought of shaving your heads? My friend had a hair shaving party before she started chemo so that the kids wouldn't be freaked out by the loss of hair. Bald is a hairstyle, you know. By the way, her hair grew back very nicely. I actually like it better than it was before!!

  3. sending along my prayers to you both~