Friday, September 10, 2010

Chemotherapy #2 Today

Tina is at chemo right now with her cousins who came down all the way from NY just to go sit with her while they pump her up with chemo. meds and fluids. I feel weird not taking her myself, but she wanted to accept all the offers of different cousins to go with her to a chemo. treatment.....that way she can both spend time with them and visit and also let them know that she appreciates their support.

Cousins she sees maybe only once a year at a family function now and again, all stepped up when they heard she was sick. They organized a night out just to spend time together before her 1st chemo., they are organizing a fundraiser/benefit for her, and they have been writing her on-line, sending cards, and calling regularly, just so talk and offer support. It's a beautiful thing that gives me hope and it makes me so happy when her phone rings and she smiles at the caller ID and happily picks up the phone to chat with them.

I'm dreading this evening and wondering how sick this will make my girl tonight and in the days to come. I'm hoping her new medicine for the nausea will make it easier then last time and that the extra fluids will help as well.


  1. Really, really rooting for you both fimg xx

  2. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in march. I've got 5 doses of chemo down. Hang in there.

    Best wishes