Thursday, August 12, 2010


My girl's employer is saying she doesn't have short term or long term disability and they are denying her the ability to sign up for short term or long term disability until November 2010........even though she qualified for it at 400 hours worked. She now has more then 800 hours worked and they are still making her wait until open enrollment in November 2010 because of a technicality we don't fully understand and they won't explain in terms we can understand.

Apparently you have a 1 week window to sign up for sort term disability at your 400 hours. She was never told this nor is it in the company handbook......we still don't understand why she can't sign up now being as she has more then met the requirements. Apparently they believe their employees are psychic.

So now she HAS to work through her chemotherapy no matter how sick it makes her, and if she has to call out sick too many times she has to worry about loosing her job and insurance completely......nice, huh?

As if Cancer, Chemotherapy, Surgery, and Radiation aren't enough to worry about!

Even with insurance this will be at least  $10,000 out of pocket not including medications etc...any millionairs out there wanna help?

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