Thursday, August 19, 2010

In Port

OK, so yesterday was T's day-surgery to put a port in her chest so she can start her chemo next Friday. Our surgeon was running about 3 hours late and poor Tina was having panic attacks all day. Finally she had a REALLY huge one, said I'm pulling out my IV and going home. By then I had already asked for anesthesia to come and give her SOMETHING......within 2 seconds of them injecting her, she was comfy and happy and falling asleep....whew!

It was actually kinda funny once she was OK. The doctor came out of surgery just then and apologized for running late. Told T, "so, I hear you tried to make a break for it"? Anesthesia girl (didn't catch her name) was smiling and went to the OR to prepare. The doc was very sweet to T and commented on her newly short and blond hair. I told her T wanted to be a bad @ss for a few weeks. This made the doctor laugh and she said, "I like that attitude!" The doctor was gentle and touched T's arm when she talked to her to let her know she actually cared. I really like this doctor.

After that ordeal of waiting and poor Tina sobbing most of the day, they took her in and relieved I trotted off to the waiting room. Relieved lasted about a second and worry set in. Thankfully a particularly talkative woman also waiting kept me distracted, and I her.

The doctor came out about an hour later and told me everything went great and Tina was fine and in recovery and that I could see her in about an hour after they got her a quick x-ray. I was so grateful I hugged the stuffing outta the doctor and she seemed truly touched. I'm just not used to doctors with a heart....LOL

Did I mention her port is 1000 times better then her mom's was. It's smaller, moved closer to her shoulder so it should be not too visible with any kind of shirt. She's tender but feeling OK.

No clue how the poor girl is gonna be able to work tomorrow or for 7 days straight until her chemo.....sigh.

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  1. I'm glad at least that part is over and that it went well.