Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Went to the pharmacy to pick up some medicine for T's 1st chemotherapy and almost fainted when they told me the price.

...are you sitting down....

$356.40 for THREE PILLS!.....I sh!t you not......and then I found out she has to take this medication with EVERY chemo. treatment! (((THUD!)))

I found myself sobbing in the car, trying to get a grip so I could drive.

Called the doctor and asked them to call me tomorrow so I can ask for samples, if they even have them for this kinda drug.

Then a moment of WHEW! I looked up T's benefits and discovered there is an out of pocket max for non-covered and covered drugs.......WHEW!!!

All these emotions from what was to be a quick stop at the pharmacy on my way to the supermarket.....I feel like I ran a marathon.

I keep telling myself everything is going to be o.k., but I find myself on an emotional roller coaster 24/7


  1. Don't go on the ride alone. There's a long, long line of people waiting to get on with you guys.

    Just open the gate.

  2. Thank goodness for that WHEW - to say you needed it is an understatement.

  3. Hello from a new follower of your story. My partner also needed specific medication that wasn't covered by insurance and cost around $300 - $400 each round. After a little research I found that you can get cheap meds at Wal-Mart - so what cost us $300 at one pharmacy, only cost $75 at WalMart! I'm not sure how it all works out but it was the same stuff... maybe worth looking into? Either way, I'm relieved to know there was a silver lining with the out of pocket max.

  4. My mom went through these same panic attacks when my stepdad first got diagnosed with cancer. The cost of meds was ridiculous. She was able to file for Social Security for him (because he can't work now) and Medicaid and that picks up the majority of his meds. Johnson and Johnson (you know like baby shampoo) also offers grants to people who can't afford the cancer meds. He qualified for one of those but I have no idea how they did it.