Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Scary Day Tomorrow

Tina gets her port put in tomorrow. I know it's just day surgery, but still......waiting and not knowing things scares me. We have to be there at high noon. Poor T's gotta starve until then, and she's worried it will hurt after because....well....heck it's gonna be in her chest under the skin for like a year.

Her mom had one and said it didn't hurt. I sure hope she was telling the truth and not just protecting us from worry back then.

If that's not scary enough,  our beautiful new baby niece is having serious surgery to address a birth defect. A surgery so rare, her surgeon has never done it before.....I'll be watching my texts from them at a different hospital all day. Kids go early to surgery as a rule, so I hope she's out and well before they take Tina in. Just sad that we can't be there with them through this.

There I go crying again....seems all i do is cry these days. if you knew me, there was a time that no matter how hurt I was I could not shed a tear, especially in any one's presence.

....gotta go take a shower and run around a bit now

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