Sunday, August 15, 2010

What I DO believe

I believe in Family and Friends

  • The people who come or call because they love you.
  • Who spend time with you because you mean something to each other.
  • The people you have connected with so deeply that you could not talk for years, or see each other, or hear from each other.....and yet, when you do, you pick up where you left off, as if no time has past.
  • The people who drop everything in a crisis and are there for you and know that you would do they same for them and have, and appreciate it.
  • The boy you watched grow into a man, who you would die for, because you know their love is unconditional.....and you want him to know your love for him is also unconditional.
  • The young girl you watched grow up to be a beautiful, smart, confident woman, who stops to hug you and excitedly shares what's going on in her life, and knows how very proud and happy you are of her and for her.
  • The people you could fight with and tell to fuck off in one breath, knowing that if something bad happened you could still call them for help and they would come.
  • The woman who spent the last 13 years with me, who has been to hell and back with me and loves me worts and all.

I believe we are born full of love and compassion and joy........most loose these gifts as they live......VERY few keep them and those few......well.....their capacity to love only grows as they's a beautiful's those people I care about and keep in my life and love and BELIEVE in with all my heart.

I believe in the people I love, partly because they believe in me......and hope they know how very much I love and believe in them.

Spending time with THESE people is ALL that good times and bad.

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