Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Much Needed Break

Long day ahead, but it's going to end with a much needed break.....yay!

Errands: I have to....

  • hit the supermarket to return like a million water bottles and cans cause I put it off for way to long...LOL... and pick up a few things while I'm there.
  • hit the wholesale place for a couple of things
  • get T's scripts from the pharmacy 'cause she has to start her pre-meds for chemo tomorrow, tonight
  • wash the kitchen floor and clean up around here a bit

A much needed break:

It's been a rough week...stress, when it gets to a certain level, causes some messed up problems for me. I haven't slept in like 4 days, my stomach has been so bad, I'm living on Zantac for the constant heartburn. I've been having panic attacks again....they are so bad, my heart hurts and I have to take medicine and chill. For those who don't know, I have a leaky valve, hence the pain with stress, and my asthma has really been bad I'm really looking forward to tonight.

Tonight I get a nice break. T's got her really sweet friend Sara coming over with home made dinner. I'm headed to the Barns and Noble to meet up with 1 friend Tina at 5:30 and another friend Amanda at 7:pm. Tina and I haven't had a chance to hang in awhile (both our lives have been crazy) so I'm really looking forward to seeing her. Then I'm meeting Amanda there who I just love to chat with about pretty much anything. We both love the book store and I just know I'm not getting outta there without something new to read....perhaps I'll find a Ken Follett that I haven't already read....and I always have to check out the geek mags....he he he

....and we're off.....

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  1. I dont think you guys (spouses, family etc) realize how important "ME" time is when we are sick. Really the stress and pressure can make yo crazy. even a manicure and a hot bath can be enough to take the edge off.